Mom Pleads to Save Her Nearly 300 Pound 11-Year-Old Daughter

Playing Save My Obese Daughter

Who doesn’t struggle with their weight and body image from time to time? But for one 11-year-old who nearly weighs 300 pounds, she’s facing a slew of health problems and constant bullying every day.

Miranda and her mother Julie have come to The Doctors seeking guidance and help to transform their eating habits in hopes of reversing their health issues.

Miranda says the bullying from other kids has become a “daily routine” for her.

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“It makes me feel awful, like I’m a monster,” she shares, explaining that even something like changing into her gym clothes at school is something she is ashamed of.

Her mother Miranda tells The Doctors that she is very scared for her daughter’s health as there is diabetes on both sides of the family. Miranda, who has struggled with her own weight over her life, explains that they have attempted to change their eating habits, but admits she doesn’t know how to fix the issue.

We have brought in nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis to help the family turn their lives around. After undergoing a series of medical tests, Dr. Jampolis reveals that she’s “very concerned” about Miranda. She says Miranda is insulin resistant, has evidence of fatty liver disease, has high blood pressure and high cholesterol and low Vitamin D levels.

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Despite all of her health hurdles, Miranda and her mom have agreed to take the necessary steps towards improving her health. The Doctors surprise the entire family with a gym membership, a year of nutrition and fitness coaching from Kurbo and 4 months of healthy meals from Chef’d.

The Doctors can’t wait to see all the progress Miranda and her family make in the coming months!