The "What's Your Excuse" Mom Accused of Fat-Shaming Speaks Out

Playing Fit Mom’s Photo Sparks Backlash

Maria Kang, the mother who posted a photo of her toned body online while asking other moms, “What’s your excuse?” stops by with a surprising update.

She explains that she decided to share the photo on social media in 2014, after giving birth to her three children because felt proud of her post-baby body. She never expected the backlash and accusations that she was fat-shaming other moms. Since 2014, Maria’s has gained some weight, dealt with depression and personal issues, but she’s still sharing her life with her followers in an unedited and honest way and she says she still stands by her “no excuses” policy.

She tells The Doctors that since coming forward with her setbacks, she’s received a ton of positive messages and responses. The busy mom, who is also an author, says she feels that one should “embrace your body every step of the way... [Moms] needs to put themselves first, because how are you going to take care of the rest of your family?”

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Maria goes on to explain that she’s now more empathetic to other people’s body struggles since dealing with her own weight gain. 

Despite the backlash, Maria says there are over 300 “No Excuse” mom groups in over 25 countries working to embrace their bodies and lead healthy lives.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork reminds us that any type of fat-shaming is both ineffective and causes harm to people’s self-esteem.