Toxic Mold in My Home Is Making Me Sick!

Playing Toxic Home Has Been One Family’s Health Nightmare

Imagine moving into the home of your dreams only to find out it was filled with toxic mold! The Doctors are joined by a family who discovered their home was for making them sick.

Stacie and Daniel purchased their home four years ago, which they believed was perfect for them and their two children, but quickly realized it was a toxic nightmare. The family began experiencing a slew of health issues including an eye infection, mono, brain fog, dizziness, memory loss, ulcers, stomach pain, panic attacks and seizures.

“We knew something environmental was going on, but we just didn’t know what it was” Stacie explains. After the home had a roof leak, “green fuzz” grew on their ceiling and they began to suspect mold was causing their health problems. They stayed away from the home for two weeks and their symptoms improved dramatically. Daniel discovered a large amount of mold in a hole in one of their walls. After having it tested, it was discovered they had 4 different types of mold throughout in their home, each of which gave off its own set of bio-toxins.

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Stacie and Daniel, both fearing what the mold had done to their children, have come to The Doctors in hopes of finding out if the damage done will be permanent. Toxicologist and environmental scientist Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry joins the panel to shed some light on this problem.

Dr. Khan-Mayberry explains that mold is everywhere, but when concentrated it can lead to many health issues including cancer. She says that the most harmful molds are caused by the “silent invader” of moisture, often found behind the walls. There are usually no visual clues that something wrong is happening.

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The Doctors had the entire family checked out by a team of doctors to try and determine if the mold had any lasting effects on their health. Find out the results of their medical test in the video below. Plus, find out the amazing surprise we have for the family that should give them a much happier and healthier home.