Breast Cancer Awareness: Tips to Reduce Risk

Playing Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

The Doctors continue to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month and we're joined by surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk, who shares some tips on how you can reduce your risks.

Her helpful tips to hopefully avoid the dreaded cancer include:

Tip #1

Be mindful or your alcohol! If you drink alcohol, take folic acid because two drinks per day bumps up incidents of breast cancer by 30 percent. She says 600 mg of folic acid negates the alcohol effects regarding breast cancer.

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Tip #2

Drink green tea! Three cups of green tea a day cuts breast cancer rates in half, she shares. The tea is known to inhibit the free radicals which can damage your cells and can stop tumor cell production.

Tip #3

Get up off the couch! According to a new study, if you sit for more than six hours a day, breast cancer rates climb by 10 percent. But a brisk walk for just 11 minutes, the rate of breast cancer drops by 18 percent.

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