How to Spot a Liar

Playing How to Spot a Liar!

Do you know how to spot a liar? The Doctors have tips on finding out who is stretching the truth!

We are joined by Dr. Art Markman, author of “Brain Briefs,” to share tips on identifying those who lie and also debunk some myths about lying.

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He says that the idea of not making eye contact while lying is a myth. He also squashes the idea that people who lie might stutter or laugh while fibbing, not true according to the doctor.

To illustrate how good he is at spotting a liar, Dr. Markman played a game of Two Lies & a Truth with plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon.

Dr. Ordon's statements include: that he had been married more than once, that his great aunt discovered radiation and that during college he was an exotic dancer named Drew Devlin.

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Do you think you can spot which of Dr. Ordon’s statements were lies and which was the lone truth? Find out in the video below!