Woman’s Botched Mastectomy Fixed!

Playing Botched Mastectomy…Fixed!

Last season we met Michelle, who endured a double mastectomy but was forced to halt her reconstructive breast surgery. She's back to show off her new look after The Doctors helped fix her botched surgery.

Following one of her breast reconstruction surgeries, Michelle developed an infection and the reconstruction had to be stopped. Repeated infections caused her to delay finishing her surgery multiple times and eventually her insurance ran out. With the help of plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zarrabi and his nonprofit organization Chapter 2 – which provides reconstructive plastic surgery for those unable to afford it – we surprised Michelle with the gift of finishing her surgery, free of charge.

Following her 5-hour surgery a happy and healed Michelle joins the panel to show off Dr. Zarrabi’s amazing work.

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“I feel like a new woman!” she proudly tells The Doctors. “I feel good. It definitely changed the way I feel. I feel much better in my clothing.”

More importantly, she shares that it has helped erase some of the emotional scars she had from her cancer battle.

“To be able to look into the mirror and not be reminded of breast cancer, it’s just priceless,” she continues, adding, “You’ve changed my life and now you’ve put me on the other side of being a breast cancer survivor.”

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See more of the new Michelle and find out more details about her surgery, which Dr. Zarrabi calls “very challenging,” in the video below! Plus, we have a new bra shopping spree surprise for her!