Holiday Horror: Canned Pumpkin Is Not Pumpkin!

Playing Is Canned Pumpkin Really Pumpkin?

Just in time for the fall holidays, The Doctors uncover a holiday food fact that might have you second guessing your next slice of pumpkin pie!

Despite canned pumpkin saying its “100 percent pumpkin,” a recent report found that the orange filling is actually Dickinson squash, which is very similar to a butternut squash.

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The squash is used instead of actual pumpkin due to the flavor, which is said to be more pleasing to the palette.

“We’ve been eating squash pie all this time? I feel duped!” Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon jokes, expressing what many of you may be thinking!

Before you begin tossing your canned pumpkin in the trash, botanists say scientifically speaking there is very little difference between a pumpkin and a squash.

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Despite the possibly horrifying pumpkin cover-up news, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork reminds us that both pumpkin and squash are great ways to get your Vitamin A and Vitamin C, so enjoy your squash pie this holiday!