Is Airbrush Root Touch-Up the Solution to Your Roots & Gray Hair?

Playing Airbrush Root Touch Up?

The Doctors put a new product to the test that claims it can quickly cover up your gray hair in-between visits to the salon.

We tested TEMPTU’s Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-up with 2 subjects hoping to stretch out their recent color. The company claims the product helps to soften your hair, refresh your roots and cover the gray. This product is said to cover the hair and not the scalp with a vitamin-enriched, non-powder formula to leave you with soft, natural looking hair.

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But how well did it work in our test?

One test subject called the product “easy and effective” while the second said she would “definitely use” the product again.

TEMPTU Air device starts at $195 dollars for the starter option with each color costing $35 dollars.

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The Doctors recommend doing a test with the product on small area of your hair to make sure it won’t damage it. See the before and after root results in the video below!