Woman Left with Uneven Butt after Getting Hit by Drunk Driver

Playing Drunk Driver Left Me Scarred for Life!

Brandi’s life was forever changed when she was hit by a drunk driver. She joins The Doctors to share her harrowing story and we also have a special surprise in store for her.

In the accident, she suffered numerous injuries including several broken bones, a swollen brain, a punctured lung, battery acid burns and she had to have part of intestines removed. 

The damage was so severe that before she went into surgery, the doctors allowed her children to see her because they feared she might not survive. During surgery she had to be revived three times, but thankfully Brandi survived, but not without lasting complications.

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She has rods in her left arm, right arm and left leg along with consistent pain throughout her body. The accident also left her with a particularly troubling side effect; one of her buttocks is now larger than the other due to the buildup scar tissue on one side.

Brandi tells The Doctors that her cheek has only gotten bigger over time and now she can’t even sit level. The pressure she has on one side of her body causes her sharp pains.

“It’s awkward in every way and it’s unattractive,” she says of her uneven butt. “I’m tired of being in pain… anything that could lessen that would be amazing.”

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Brandi’s insurance company deemed her backside issue cosmetic and will not cover the surgery needed to fix it, but luckily The Doctors has plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon!

Find out what Dr. Ordon says he can do to help her with the pain and uneven buttocks in the video below.