Erin Brockovich Warns of National Water Crisis

Playing U.S. Water Contamination?

The nation’s water issues are not just limited to places like Flint, Michigan. Erin Brockovich joins The Doctors to help inform us about a water crisis affecting 218 million Americans!

The environmental crusader and consumer advocate explains that two thirds of the country is using water that the Environmental Working Group found to contain dangerous levels of hexavalent chromium, also called chromium 6.

The chemical, which is often used by industries like aerospace and power companies, is an anti-rust corrosion inhibitor and can seep into the water supply. It is known to cause cancer.

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“It’s our water supply. We shouldn’t have poisons in our water at any level period,” she says.

In an effort to help eliminate the chemical she recommends using a water filter system that has an ionic exchange or an activated granulated carbon feature.

Erin is calling for a complete ban on hexavalent chromium, which has already been done in every European country. She also implores the audience to take control of your water and to stay informed.

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“Know what’s in your water, don’t be afraid to ask questions, get involved, be aware,” she says. “We are in a national water crisis, you just don’t know it.”

To find out more about this issue visit the Environmental Working Group website, or Erin’s website – where you can personally email her with your questions and concerns.