Fertility Tracking Bracelet – Hope or Hype?

Playing Bracelet to Get Pregnant?

There’s a new product that could help you get pregnant – and it’s a bracelet!

The Doctors examine the Ava fertility tracking bracelet, which users wear at night. The device measures resting pulse rate, skin temperature, heart rate variability, sleep, breathing rate, movement, perfusion, bio impedance and heat loss and then delivers that data to an app, to help inform you about when you are most fertile.

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The company claims the product will double your chances to conceive every month, allow you to enjoy your entire fertile window with your partner with no need to rush, monitor your health and wellness while you’re trying to conceive and help you learn more about your menstrual cycle.

But with a cost of just under $200, The Doctors check in with OBGYN, Dr. Nita Landry to find out if this device is hope for people looking to conceive or just hype?

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“I love the concept, so I’m going to say hope,” she explains, but adds that she wants to see more people participate in a larger study to determine just how effective it might be. She would recommend the product to people in their 20s, but for women in their 30s, she would suggest a more aggressive approach to getting pregnant.