Would You Use a Gold Toothpaste?

Playing Clean Your Teeth with Gold?

If you’re looking for an alternative to toothpaste and to add a little bling to your mouth, The Doctors might have what you need! But, how well does it work?

We look into Lush’s toothpaste alternative Bling!, which is a pill you chew and then brush your teeth with. It contains papain extract, Brazilian orange oil, almond oil, frankincense oil, guarana seed powder and edible gold.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon put the product to the test and reports back with, “[My teeth] feel very good. It feels a little bit like baking powder… I don’t mind the taste at all… I kind of like the feeling it leaves in your mouth.”

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But is using a product with edible gold good for your oral health? The Doctors speak with dentist Joe Willardsen to find out if it’s worth swapping it for your traditional paste.

Dr. Willardsen questions if the gold used is real gold, saying, “I don’t think [the gold] is doing anything positive… I don’t want any metal in my mouth."

According to the company’s website the gold is made of potassium aluminum silicate, titanium dioxide and iron oxides.

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Dr. Willardsen adds, "If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, I don’t think this is the product."

Tell us, would you swap your toothpaste for these gold tablets?

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