Intervention for Overweight Man Hiding from His Family

Playing Health Intervention: Extreme Weight Gain

Jermaine has been hiding his extreme weight from his family, but he reunites with his loved ones on The Doctors to get the help he so desperately needs.

He tells The Doctors that he was teased as a child about his size and it continued through his teen years. He soon became embarrassed about his size and retreated from his family in shame.

“I felt bad about the way I looked and that I let myself get to this point and I just didn’t want to show that. As long as they didn’t see it, they wouldn’t know how bad I’d gotten” he explains.

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Jermaine reveals that loves to indulge in pizza, burgers, friend chicken, but also admits that “everything hurts” – like walking, standing and sitting – and he is fearful that his life will be cut dramatically short. “It’s always in the back of my head, how long am I going to live?” he adds.

Jermaine and his family join the panel, where he admits he feels stalled in taking the necessary steps towards changing his lifestyle. He says he often thinks about working out and finding a gym, but fears he might be judged at the gym and worries if the equipment will be able to support him.

Though he has been stuck, he says that appearing on The Doctors and coming clean about his weight with his family is launching point. “I think this is the point, where I make that change,” he tells ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and his family.

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In a very brave moment, Jermaine weighs himself for the first time in over a year in front of the audience and his family. Plus, The Doctors have an amazing surprise for him that will help him achieve his desired weight.

Find out how much Jermaine weighs and the possible life-changing surprise we have for him in the video below