Hair-Raising Baby Danger!

Playing Surprising Danger to Your Baby!

Parents have so much to worry about with their babies, including the danger that one strand of hair can do! The Doctors discuss how a common product could help with a dire situation.

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They discuss an instance where one hair became wrapped around the toe of her baby and the mom was unable to remove it. The area became purple and was bleeding and she was forced to take the child to the hospital. So how did doctors quickly and effectively remove the hair? They used hair removal cream.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares this is a technique he was taught to use in the emergency room and says a lone strand of hair getting wrapped around a body part can happen quite often with kids, especially when the mom has long hair. He explains that he would encounter this when a fussy baby was brought into the ER and there was no other signs of a problem, it could often be an appendage that had a hair cutting off blood supply.

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The Doctors explain that it becomes an issue when the area is swelled and removing the hair with tweezers becomes too difficult. Luckily in most cases, a depilatory cream will solve the issue and lead to a much happier baby!