Dr. Travis Saves Woman’s Life!

Playing Dr. Travis Saved My Life!

A woman says attending a taping of The Doctors and reading Dr. Travis’ book on belly fat helped transform and save her life.

Back in 2012, Kelly says she was at her heaviest weight and was pre-diabetic. Attending a taping of the show, where ER physician Dr. Travis Stork talked about his book, “The Lean Belly Prescription,” was a wake-up call for Kelly.

She realized she had adopted the poor eating habits of her then-boyfriend. A few months after the show, she ended her relationship and began to focus on fitness. She says the book helped her develop better exercise habits, eating habits and taught her about proper nutrition. Only 4 months later, Kelly had dropped an impressive 20 pounds.

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“Dr. Travis, you completely saved my life,” Kelly says before joining the panel, where she enthusiastically hugs Dr. Travis.

Kelly goes to say that she felt as though her boyfriend at the time was not being supportive of her desire to be healthy, which Dr. Travis says is a good reminder about the importance of your loved ones being helpful on your health journey.

“If you are ever being shamed for being healthy, you need to tell them to step back,” he says.

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Kelly says she now has a no fast food rule, a no soda rule and a no fake sweetener rule. Since transforming her life, Kelly is no longer pre-diabetic. We wish her all the best with her continued health and hope she inspires other to make positive changes!