Beauty Pill Scams That Are Not Proven to Improve Your Health

Playing Drs. Investigate: Beauty Pill Scams?!

Just because your favorite celebrity is promoting a beauty pill doesn’t mean you should start taking it!

The Doctors investigate three trendy ingredients found in many so-called beauty pills, all of which have not been found to effectively improve your health.

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Human Growth Hormone – HGH has never been shown to effect skin or wrinkles and the sides effects can include insulin resistance and joint swelling.

Collagen - With 16 different types of collagen, consumers don’t even know what they are getting when buying a supplement. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra notes that the supplement will be broken down in your digestive system and not delivered to your skin.

Elastin – Claims to hydrate and smooth the skin, but has not been proven to do so when taken in a pill form. She also notes that elastin is not produced by your body after puberty.

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Instead of beauty pills, The Doctors recommend biotin for hair and nails, vitamin C for making collagen and omega fatty acids to decrease inflammation which helps with skin.