MMA Fighter Marcus Kowal Opens up on Losing Son to Drunk Driver

Playing Drs. Exclusive: MMA Fighter on Losing His Son to a Drunk Driver

MMA Fighter Marcus Kowal and wife Mishel Eder tragically lost their 15-month-old son Liam after he was hit by an accused drunk driver. They join The Doctors to share their heartbreaking story.

What began as a normal day for the family, took an unthinkable turn when an alleged drunk driver struck Liam’s stroller after plowing through a crosswalk. The toddler’s aunt had taken him for a walk while his mom studied and Marcus rested after a day of training.

A team of doctors worked on Liam to save his life, but they discovered he was brain dead.

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“I loved being a father every single day for 15 months. No father should have to put their own child into the ground. There can’t be a greater pain,” the MMA fighter says. “We decided to donate his organs so another set to parents wouldn’t have to go through what we’re going through.”

Mishel adds, “We wanted Liam to live on and give the gift of life to someone else.”

The MMA fighter and his wife also share how they feel about the woman accused of hitting their son.

“I don’t feel any hatred. I don’t feel any aggression towards her. I want her to feel our pain. I want her to know what we’re going through and I want the state, the police, law enforcement to judge her for what she’s done,” Marcus says.

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In an effort to turn their tragedy into something positive, the MMA fighter and his wife have created the non-profit Liam’s Life, which is dedicated to the education and prevention of alcohol-related tragedies and the education of organ donation. For more information on the Liam’s Life and find out how you can help support this worthy cause visit the foundation's website. Our friends at The Krazy Coupon Lady website have already donated $5,000 to this amazing cause.

For more information on how you can prevent drunk driving, contact MADD.