Aphrodisiac Pasta Dish?

Playing Sex Pasta?!

Magic can happen in the kitchen, but can this pasta take the magic to the bedroom? Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon decided to put this aphrodisiac pasta dish to the test. They say if you follow the recipe, you will get lucky. Will it work for you? Click here for the recipe. 

If you'd like some other tips for setting the mood, psychotherapist Mike Dow offers up some carb-free options. 

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3 Tips to Turn up your Sex Life

Be Kind!

It's a time-tested way to get your work-obsessed partner to have sex with you. Kindness is an attractive trait (i.e cooking for your partner, making him or her feel appreciated) can quickly get them in the mood. 

Pre-Party with Yourself

Get moving a little bit, calm yourself down with some music. Signs of arousal like full lips, pink cheeks and pheromones will turn your partner on.

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Don't Wear Underwear on a Date! 

Not wearing underwear can create a sexy secret that makes you feel and appear sexier! 

Dr. Dow also suggests to use your voice to put things in the mood.