Tips for Women: Running Smart, Not Scared

Playing Should Women be Running Scared?

In recent months three women were tragically murdered while running by themselves. This has many women questioning their daily running routines. To help you feel more safe while you're out for a run we have some lifesaving tips from Women's Health Magazine Fitness director Jen Ator.  

If you're out on a run, here are some things you can do to protect yourself and be prepared. 

Pay Attention to More Than Music

Leave one earbud out so that you're more aware of what's around you and able to tap into your intuition

Vary Your Routes 

Don't always run the same route at the same time of day. 

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Carry a Pen in Your Sports Bra

Many women have said they carry one in their sports bra that they can use to jab someone with if they are in trouble. 

Carry a Small Alarm 

Hopefully if you pull the alarm, it will buy you some more time to get away. 

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Use a Geo-Tracker or Emergency App 

Some of these apps provide a distress button that you can use to alert people that you're on trouble, and where you are!