New Teen Drug Craze: Garden Plant Seeds

Playing Gardening Seeds: The New Party Drug?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The latest drug trend for teens is coming from your local home and garden store.

The Doctors investigate how seeds for plants like like Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Sleepy Grass, and Blue Morning Glory are being used to get high. The seeds contain the hallucinogenic substance LSA, which is said to be similar to LSD.

Users have been known to swallow them or crush them and then add to a liquid to ingest. LSA can cause nausea, loss of motor control, a perception of increased weight, pupil dilation, physical euphoria and sedation.

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In extreme cases it has caused flashbacks, psychotic episodes, vomiting and extreme paranoia.

The Doctors warn parents these seeds can have serious effects if taken and to warn their children about the dangers of the seemingly harmless natural item.

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Due to the possible lasting dangers, Home Depot is said to be pulling these seeds from their shelves. Should more stores do the same?