Could this DIY Baby Project be a Health Risk?

Playing DIY Health Hazard?!

A new DIY trend has found its way into the delivery room! Moms are skipping the hospital's umbilical cord clamps in favor of making their own DIY versions. But could this be putting your baby at risk? 

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Homemade knitted versions are being used in baby photo shoots and birth announcements. They are being marketed as being soft on babies skin and more comfortable for breastfeeding moms. Hundreds of pattern ideas have already been shared on Instagram and Pinterest, and they are being sold on Etsy from $4-$17 dollars.

So what's the concern? Umbilical cord clamps from the hospital are medical grade and stay on the baby's cord until it dries up, which can take some time.  ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares, "you have to be fastidious about cleaning that area and making sure it doesn't become infected." 

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This trend has potential for infection because they can easily get wet, become covered in feces, urine and dirt. In serious cases this can lead to omphalitis. That said, if you'd like to make your own Dr. Stork recommends sourcing medical grade materials.