Could Your Sex Toy Be Spying on You?

Playing Sex Toy Spying?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Many people use fitness trackers to monitor their steps and heart rate. But what if your sex toy was tracking your sexual activity without your knowledge?

One woman received a shock when she discovered she was being spied on by her sex toy. After she purchased and used her vibrator, she discovered the company was tracking what she did for marketing purposes! The company, We-Vibe, was tracking how often she used the sex toy, for how long, on which settings and the temperature of the device!

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She filed a class-action lawsuit, now representing tens of thousands of users, that accuses the company of consumer fraud and unjust enrichment. Does this kind of technology belong in the bedroom? Or is this a perverted invasion of privacy? "I think they have a really strong case and I wouldn't mind being the lawyer pursuing this case," says Attorney Areva Martin. 

Areva's main question is whether or not the company allows you to opt in to their marketing research.  ER physician Dr. Travis Stork adds, "I don't know anyone who would say, 'oh yeah. I want you to know when i'm using my vibrator...that sounds great!'" 

How can you protect yourself? This particular sex toy can connect to a smartphone to adjust vibration type and intensity and can even be controlled by someone else from afar with a downloaded app. When a device is connected to the internet it's more susceptible to hackers. If you have a "smart" device, you can disconnect it from Bluetooth to stop transmitting information. 

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The Doctors wants to remind everyone that sex toys are not approved, tested or regulated by the FDA. Some are made using phthalates, which are possible human carcinogens. When purchasing a sex toy, opt for hypoallergenic, high quality toys that are made from silicone or elastomers. 

To read the full statement from the We-Vibe company, click here