Safety Feature Your Car Is Missing – UV Protection!

Playing Do Car Windows Protect You From UV Rays?

American spend on average a 100 minutes in their car per day and while there are a ton of safety features built into automobiles, there is one crucial thing missing.

Eye specialist Dr. Brian Boxler Wachler joins The Doctors to share some shocking findings about his study regarding the ultraviolet protection on a car’s side windows. The vast majority of windshields provide good UV protection, but of the 29 cars Dr. Boxler Wachler investigated, 25 of them had side windows that provided only “poor” UV protection. This UV deficiency accounts for the higher levels of skin cancer and cataracts on the left side of the body.

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Dr. Boxler Wachler notes that just because glass is tinted does not mean it provides UV protection. He says when buying a new car to ask about the level of UV protection on the side widows. If your existing car does not have proper protection, you can also install a UV protective layer to their side windows, which can range from $20 to $100 to have installed.

He also suggests to wear sunglasses in the car and to wear sunscreen. If you are concerned, you can also test the UV levels of your of side widows with a UV reader.

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Remember, just because you are in your car doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t also with you!