Nurse at Dirty Med Spa Reveals Fake & Expired Products Being Used

Playing Drs. Investigate: Dirty Med Spas

Is your med spa using fake and expired products? A nurse has come forward revealing that the med spa she previously worked at was allegedly using bogus products on their patients.

Nurse X, whose identity we have disguised, joins The Doctors to reveal her claim that the med spa she where she worked was passing off fake products for Botox, injecting expired fillers and even using products made for animals on their patients. The med spa also allegedly asked their employees to cover the labels for products with paper and to try and pass them off as some other type of treatment.

When she questioned the practice with her management, she claims she was fired. She is now embroiled in a lawsuit against her former employer, but says the med spa is still in business.

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Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra warns viewers about prices and deals at med spas that might seem too cheap, saying, “Cut rate fees, where it seems too good to be true, are probably are too good to be true. If someone is charging you so little, they’re probably not using the real thing.”

The Doctors recommend these tips in order to ensure the products from your med spa are legit.

  • Ask your doctor to show you the Botox box or vile. It will have a hologram on the packaging if it is real.
  • Ask your doctor if they accept Brilliant Distinction, which is a rewards program if you get Botox and filler. If they don’t accept it, this is one  red flag.
  • Make sure the doctor opens a new filler box in front of you. Make sure the doctor fills up the Botox syringe out of the  Botox vile in front of you and not in a back room.
  • Go to doctors from referrals from friends and family.

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Find out more about Nurse X’s lawsuit against the alleged dirty med spa in the video below.