Can Drinking Collagen Improve Your Skin from the Inside Out?

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Playing Put It to the Test: Drinkable Collagen

We know that staying hydrated and eating healthy can help your beauty from the inside out. So, can drinking collagen make your skin firmer and look even younger? The Doctors decide to have three ladies try a product that claims to do just that. 

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains how the complex protein collagen works in our bodies. Collagen is one of the major elements that comprises our connective tissue, making up the deeper layer of the skin, also known as the dermis. Collagen along with hyaluronic acid helps keep the skin taut and attached to the underlying muscle. We start to see fine lines and wrinkles when collagen breaks down in the skin. 

The product, Taut Premium Collagen claims to promote firmer, youthful skin, reduce fine lines and help tighten sagging skin. You are supposed to drink the product every night, two hours after eating for 21 consecutive nights. It's made of 13,000 mg of marine collagen (sourced from red snapper) and hyaluronic acid. This will cost you around $300 for the three-week run. 

Bridgette who tried the collagen test and loved it says, "After about 3-4 days I started to feel the difference in my skin." Kim, who calls herself a skeptic, love her results claiming to see smaller pores on her face. However Irene didn't have quite the same results, "I was looking forward to more firmness and I'm still waiting to see results."

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Dr. Ordon remains a skeptic claiming that based on what he knows about collagen and physiologically how metabolism works, he doesn't believe that drinking collagen would have any direct affect on our skin. Ordon thinks that it's working like a good old fashioned placebo affect. 

Do you see a difference in their before and after photos? Let us know below.