Are Celebrity Relationships Doomed To Fail?

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Playing Celebrity Relationships: Healthy or Hell No!?

We can't seem to get enough when it comes to celebrity relationships and celebrity splits! The Doctors and psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow examine whether these high profile couples are just destined to fail.

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"If I had celebrities take a personality test... we find that they tend to be sensation seekers," he explains, saying these people's brains love dopamine and adrenaline. He goes on to say that during their younger years, they might not be the best at successfully staying in relationships, but as they age they often seek out other opposite individuals, who will help balance them out and lead to a healthier union.

Dr. Dow and The Doctors also discuss the allegations and reports that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are secretly dating. They look into the reports that their budding relationship had to remain secret to due to her reported divorce agreement with Tom Cruise. Was there a stipulation in the divorce requiring Katie to not publicly date for 5 years following her split from the box office star?

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Check out the video above to get Dr. Dow's take on these reports regarding Katie, who he was actually childhood friends with! He also shares his tips on how parents with blended families can successfully introduce their new partner to their children.