The Dangers of New Marijuana Trend – Dabbing

Playing Dangers of Dabbing?

The latest marijuana trend is a much more dangerous version of the drug and could even be deadly. The Doctors investigate the dangers of dabbing.

Dabbing is the vaporization of marijuana concentrate, which can have 4 times as much THC than just marijuana in a dry form. The oily concentrate – often called shatter, wax, or crumble – is heated with a blow torch, which then creates a large amount of smoke. The user then inhales the smoke to get high. Dabbing can create much more of a euphoric and intense high compared to the usual way people smoke it.

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Drug expert Dr. David Sack, who joins The Doctors, explains that one dab can be the equivalent of smoking 5 joints and a high that would normally take hours to achieve happens in just seconds, creating an extreme overload on your brain.

In addition to the health issues, there are a number of safety issues to be concerned about due to the use of butane in the drug, which has led to numerous fires and burn incidents.

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Dr. Stack says that parents should not view teens dabbing in the same way that many see teenagers trying pot, explaining that it is much more concerning and could lead to serious health issues. Some of the effects of dabbing include extreme paranoia, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, blackouts, psychosis and hallucinations .

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