Dog's Dramatic Makeover after Losing 35 Pounds of Fur!

Playing Pawsitive Makeover

This dog’s makeover is both dramatic and heartbreaking.

Lazarus, a Great Pyrenees, spent the vast majority of his life in a small barn stall and was neglected. His fur grew out of control as his owner became terminally ill and was unable to properly care for him. Luckily, the dog was rescued by concerned neighbors.

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After his rescue, 35 pounds of excess fur was removed transforming Lazarus.

The Doctors say this incident is a great reminder of the importance of proper grooming for your pets as routine grooming will contribute to your dog’s overall health. Some dogs might not like it, but bathing your dog should happen every 2 to 4 months. Brushing your dog is vital and should take place every couple of days. It’s suggested that cleaning your dog’s teeth take place 2 to 3 times per week. It is also important to be mindful of their paws and inspect them on regular basis to make sure they are free of wounds, infections and any lodged objects.

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Taking care of your pets also has an added health benefit for the owners. Having quality bonding time with your pet is said to lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure for both you and your four legged friend.

So get out the brush and give your pooch a nice rub down, it just might be beneficial for both of you!