Produce Pesticide Made from Urine?

Playing Food Fertilized with Human Urine?

It's definitely important to eat your fruits and vegetables, but would you eat them if they were grown using urine as a natural pesticide? Researchers are setting up urine fertilizer trials as a solution to save water, money, and energy and the study is being funded by a 3 million dollar grant from the National Sciences Foundation.

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Urine, for the most part, is sterile. It would be filtered before it's used, and we've long known that human excrement can be effective fertilizer. 

Our current fertilizers are filled with chemicals, which are bad for our health and carcinogenic. Adding to the "pro urine" category, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon points out that urine is 95% water!  From an environmental standpoint it seems to make a lot of sense.

But what's not known is whether or not people can get over the "ick" factor. The Doctors conducted their own online poll finding that 93% of people were not into the idea of eating fruits and veggies that had been sprayed with urine. Would you be open to it? 

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No matter what it's sprayed with, remember to wash your fruits and vegetables well before you eat them.