C-Section Device Gives Women Surprising Orgasms

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Playing Orgasms from C-Section Device?

The following program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The "hi massager" was originally developed to help women experiencing post c-section pain. And it was effective at relieving that discomfort but it had an unexpected side effect...mind blowing orgasms

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Even while fully clothed and without direct genital stimulation, women claimed to experience some of the most intense orgasms of their lives. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman generously decided to put the hand-held device to the test. She demonstrates how the massager works by tapping her hand on the table and describing it like a "jack hammer." 

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork describes the science behind the device. "We know that you can distract those pain nerve fibers that relay pain signals to your brain." So assuming that women are using this on their stomachs, Dr. Stork is wondering how they are experiencing orgasm, which is neither clitoral or vaginal. 

Dr. Berman explains. People who have had spinal chord injuries, who don't have feeling below their waists have experienced orgasms through vagus nerve stimulation. The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that travels through the abdomen, so by stimulating this nerve with the "jack hammer" effect, it serves as an alternate route to orgasm. "I didn't have one, just to be honest," Dr. Berman admits of her experiment. 

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Dr. Stork says he loves the idea of treating pain without pills, especially with the opioid epidemic in this country. He loves this device but admits that he wouldn't want to have to compete against the "hi massager."