Workout in the Sand to Burn More Calories?

Playing Sand for a Better Workout?

Is the key to burning more calories simply working out in the sand? The Doctors are looking into the latest fitness craze – workouts in a giant sandbox!

Urologist and fitness extraordinaire Dr. Jennifer Berman tries out the craze at Sandbox Fitness, which claims to burn 30% more calories due to the sand being an uneven surface. 

They also say the sandy workout is good for your core and balance, while still being easy on the joints. The classes also use balancing surfboards on the sand to help with upper body muscles, flexibility core strength.

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So what did Dr. Berman think of the beach-like workout routine?

“It was crazy difficult and I consider myself in pretty good shape. I felt like I was probably a hundred pounds heavier in the sand. So everything took more work and more force… it was an amazing workout,” she shares.

Minna, who runs and own Sandbox Fitness with her husband, says this type training is great for people recovering from injuries, and people of all ages – from children to the elderly – can benefit from it.

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For more information on this sandy workout, check out Sandbox Fitness.