Surprise for Teen with Cancer Whose Princess Photoshoot Went Viral

Playing Teen Cancer Princess’s Backstory

Andrea captured the hearts of people around the world after her photoshoot went viral on social media.

The 17-year-old found a lump in her neck earlier this year and doctors discovered that it was a tumor. She was she was diagnosed with stage 2 lymphoma and soon lost her hair due to her chemotherapy. Despite her hair loss, Andrea continued to model and one particular shoot, where she proudly shows off her shaved head, garnered over 300,000 likes and reTweets.

“Cancer doesn’t define you. It’s about what you chose to do with it. I chose to be positive and appreciate every day,” she says.

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Andrea joins The Doctors to share her touching story and give an update on her health.

“I’m doing great now. I’m feeling great. I have positive energy all the time and I’m done with my treatments, my chemotherapy and my radiation and I’m just waiting to get my last scan, to get the OK,” she says.

She also opens up to The Doctors about her princess-themed photoshoot, where she declared, “Cancer doesn't stop me from being a princess.”

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“Being a teenager and being a girl was so difficult when I lost my hair, it [had] a huge impact when I did lose it and I think a lot of my confidence went with my hair… seeing myself in the mirror and not seeing the same person, it was hard at first… I just realized that I’m not going to stop being a princess because of what I’m going though, I’m just going to own it,” she proudly says.

The teen says continuing her love of working as a model kept her distracted from her cancer and her difficult chemo treatments. She recommends to anyone dealing with cancer and chemo that sticking with what you love can help you get through the ordeal.

To help Andrea make the most of her modeling career, The Doctors have a wonderful surprise in store for her in the video below!