Vicki Lawrence's Mama Dishes out Advice for Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift

Playing Did Justin Bieber Insure His Man Parts?

Vicki Lawrence’s beloved Mama character from the classic sitcom “Mama’s Family” is back on The Doctors to serve up some homespun advice for your favorite celebrities!

First up, she takes on Justin Bieber, who made headlines recently after photos surfaced of the singer naked while on vacation.

“Bless his heart, he can’t keep his pants on… little Bieber is so rude and obnoxious, he has been horrible to so many people, who does he think he is, Donald Trump?” she wonders. Adding, “If Madonna and Charlie Sheen had a kid, this would be it!”

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Mama then weighs in on Kim Kardashian, who has slammed rumors that she undergoes filler injections in her butt.

“There’s not enough Botox in the world,” she says of Kim’s famous backside. “That thing is so big and so round that Neil Armstrong is trying to walk on it… I’ve got a little fashion accessory that I’d like to introduce her to, it’s called underwear!”

Lastly, Mama chimes in on the tabloid reports that Taylor Swift had breast implants and also comments on her recent split from actor Tom Hiddleston.

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“She is the queen of speed dating, I mean one week [with a guy] is not enough. Taylor, these are boys, not rental cars,” Mama jokes. “At the end of a lovely evening, your date would like to hear, ‘Goodnight,’ not, ‘Next!’ Poor little Taylor.” As for rumors of a breast lift, Mama, says, “Oh, she got that bra at Sears, I don’t think so.” She also offers Taylor some advice, saying, “Make him pass the test before he touches the breast.”