Sex Positions

Learn six positions you can try for better sex tonight!

The following page contains mature subject matter and is not appropriate for children.

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

This female-dominant position can help delay his climax and intensify yours. Have your man lie on his back with his knees bent comfortably. Straddle his body with your legs bent, parallel to his chest. Push off his chest and slide up and down toward his thighs for the ride of your life!

G-Spot Genius
Partners face each other. The woman lies on her back, bending at the hips and resting her ankles on the man’s shoulders. As the woman raises her legs, it narrows the vagina and helps target the infamous G-spot. Here’s a tip: Ask your man to rock you side to side as you start then up and down to help bring his penis into direct contact with your G-spot.

The Wheelbarrow
This is a more advanced position, but one that is incredibly erotic. The wheelbarrow gives your man a beautiful view of your assets, providing the visual stimulation he needs, and gives you deep penetration. Here’s how to do it: The man enters the woman from behind, places his hands on her waist and lifts her pelvis to his waist, while the woman lifts with her arms, thus forming a wheelbarrow. It is recommended to start this position as you’re nearing climax because it’s quite an upper-body workout for the woman, and her arms may tire, taking away from her focus and pleasure.

The Ballerina
Unleash your inner ballerina with this sex position! Stand on one foot, face to face with your guy and wrap your other leg around his waist while he helps support you. The closeness of your bodies will increase your connection. As you continue, lift your leg to his shoulder to allow for deeper penetration. And go ahead – point that toe!

The Spoons
This position is relaxed, yet intimate. As partners spoon, the woman slides her top leg forward allowing the man to penetrate from behind. The man can place his hands on the woman’s shoulders to increase the intensity. The woman can vary the sensation by pressing her knees together or opening her knees wider. This position allows for greater skin-to-skin contact, increasing stimulation.

Your Main Squeeze

This modified missionary position offers intense pleasure. The woman lies on her back with her legs clenched and ankles crossed, while the man enters and thrusts. The position provides greater stimulation for both parties, as the woman is able to feel the entire length of the penis and the man feels a greater grip on his penis.