Can a Fear of Snakes Be Cured in under an Hour?

Playing Cure Phobias in an Hour?

The fear of snakes is a phobia many people deal with, but can the irrational fear be reversed in under an hour?

Actor and comedian Bill Engvall joins The Doctors and opens up about his fear of the slithering reptile. “Snakes to me, they can move, but they don’t have any legs – that’s the devil… if I got bit by a snake I would die of a heart attack before the poison hit me,” he says.

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The Doctors enlist the help of life strategist Gary Coxe, who attempts to cure Bill of his fear.

“Ultimately, he’s got some stories [and] some stuff stuck in his past… within a short period of time we’ll have him totally reversed. He’s going to loving on this snake,” Gary says of the actor.

There are a number of treatments options for people with extreme phobias. Some common ways to help treat their fears include prolonged and gradual exposure and desensitization, which involves relaxation techniques to help build to the feared situation. Some people require medication to help with their phobia.

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Find out if Bill was able to get past his fear of snakes and see if ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, who is also afraid of snakes, handles having a reptile on stage in the video below!