Former Petite Model Who Now Weighs Nearly 300 Pounds Seeks Intervention

Playing Former Model Is Almost 300 Pounds

A former model who weighs close to 300 pounds asks The Doctors to help her get control of her weight.

Monica, a mother of 6, used to model and had a tiny waist of only 22 inches. After her first marriage began to crumble she says she would “drown herself in food” to cope with the stress. Her doctor tells her she is pre-diabetic and due to her weight gain, in order to breathe properly while sleeping, she must use a CPAP machine.

She shares with The Doctors that she’s tried many things in order to lose weight including juicing and exercising, but has not had any luck. She now fears she might have a heart attack, a stroke or develop diabetes.

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“I don’t want to leave my kids. If I don’t take care of myself, it might get the better of me,” she shares.

The Doctors enlist the help of veteran, double amputee, inspirational speaker and “Dancing with the Stars” alum Noah Galloway to help Monica with her struggle.

“Eventually, you have to say, this time is real,” he tells Monica, who says that one of her biggest obstacles is choosing healthy foods.

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Noah begins to help Monica make changes immediately, showing her a variety of exercises she can do at home along with how to make better decisions about what she eats. “You have to want it. You have to want it, and want it bad. And if you want it bad enough, it can happen,” the war hero tells her.

Find out if Noah – along with a special healthy surprise The Doctors have in store for Monica – can help the former model turn her life around for the better in the video below.