Can You Get Sued For Posting Pics of Your Kids on Facebook?

Playing Teen Sues Parents over Facebook Posts?

One 18 year old girl is allegedly suing her parents because of the hundreds of embarrassing and intimate photos they have posted of her over the years...and refuse to remove from Facebook. These are pictures of her from her youth sitting on the toilet, lying naked on the bed, bathtime and more. 

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She claims that she's asked her parents to take them down for years, but they remain online. Since her father took the photos, does he have the right to post them? The average parent posts 1,000 pictures of their child before they turn 5-years-old. 

"Are we in a day and age where we are posting too much?," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork wonders. Emphatically, plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon says "Yeah!" He also adds that it's affecting every facet of our lives. 

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As kids are becoming adults, they have the right to ask for their embarrassing photos to come down. And if the are 18 or over, they also have the right to take legal action. So when it comes to your kids, be careful what you post!