Is It Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat?

Playing Is It Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat?

The toilet seat might not seem like the cleanest item in your home, but it turns out what you sit on while doing your business is actually much cleaner than many things you come in contact with every day.

The Doctors get down and dirty and investigate items that are most likely dirtier than your toilet seat. They include:


ER physician Dr. Travis Stork unfortunately informs the audiences that there is 700 percent more bacteria on carpet compared to a toilet seat, according to a recent study. He reminds us that touching the carpet will not make you deathly ill, but to try and vacuum it weekly and steam clean once a year to help cut down on the bacteria count.

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Most PJs are dirtier than a toilet seat, due to people not washing them frequently enough. The study found that most people wear pajamas for two weeks before washing them. Not cleaning them frequently can lead to a variety of types of bacteria including E. coli.

Washing Machines

The study also says that washing machines, when not properly dried, can be far dirtier than a toilet seat. The Doctors always recommend letting the machine dry after using and occasionally running hot water and some bleach through it to throughout clean it.

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Dr. Stork shares his takeaway from the study. “Most of it is friendly bacteria, they don’t do any harm to us,” he says, explaining that if you’re fearful of using a random restroom, it’s probably cleaner than what we walk on in our homes, wear to bed and wash our clothes in!