Can a Man's Sex Drive Increase with a Little Light?

Playing Light Therapy for Better Sex?!

The following material contains mature subject matter and may not be suitable for young audiences.

The Doctors are shining a light on your man’s sex drive – literally!

If you or your man is suffering from a low testosterone or libido levels, a new study about the use of bright lights could help. A recent study found that men with sexual arousal disorder who were exposed to a bright light every day for 30 minutes – similar to ones used to treat Seasonal affective disorder – experienced an increase in their levels of testosterone.

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With approximately 25% of men experiencing low sexual desire at some point in their lives, this could be a simple, yet major breakthrough. The Doctors note they like that the treatment is simply light and not a pill.

Another possible way to get some extra light is to enjoy a walk early in the morning in the bright rising sun, which could act as a substitute for the light treatment.

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So if your bedroom behavior is feeling a little dark and dismal, maybe it’s time to turn on the lights!