Woman with Prosthetic Arm That Can Feel!

Playing Meet the Most Advanced Amputee

The following program contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images my not be suitable for young children.

A normal day for Melissa turned into a nightmare when an animal bite led to her losing her arm. She has been fitted with a prosthetic arm capable of giving her a sense of feeling and she joins The Doctors.

Melissa was bitten by a raccoon and her arm became severely infected. Doctors initially thought she could be treated with antibiotics, but a week later her arm became swollen and painful. She underwent 9 surgeries attempting to save her arm. After it became septic, her doctor was forced to amputate her arm in order to save her life.

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During her recovery, Melissa’s physician – orthopedic hand surgeon Dr. Ajay Seth – learned of an amazing new type of prosthetic that is able to be controlled by the patient’s brain and experiences sensations and the feeling of touch. The downside, it would require Melissa to endure yet another surgery.

Before embarking on the surgery, one that had never been done in America and performed only 4 other times in the world, Dr. Seth told her, “I will make you the most advanced amputee this world has ever had.”

Dr. Seth was able to rewire her nerves and trick her brain into thinking her hand was still attached. He says she’s is now able to feel touch, pressure and cold. She’s now able to control the prosthetic simply with her thoughts.

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See Melissa’s amazing prosthetic in action in the video below – which includes a fist-bump with ER physician Dr. Travis Stork!

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