Are These Trendy Beauty Treatments worth It?

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The Doctors take a hard look at two trendy beauty treatments to see if either has any merit. 

The first trend is a face mask that claims to give your skin the benefits of a hot sauna for $1.99. This is a self-warming facial mask that claims to bring back the glow to your skin! The Doctors decide to have three audience members try the mask out as they discuss the mask. 

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As the audience members are applying the mask, Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee explains that a product that emits warmth is going to bring more blood vessels to the face, will give your skin more of a glow, and will open your pores to some extent. 

Dr. Sandra Lee warns that there are some skin conditions that don't react well to heat, like rosacea. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon also cautions against using a heat related product if you already have inflammation of any kind. After trying the product, check out how the audience members felt about the product.

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The next trend that The Doctors take a look at is a treatment that uses fillers for aging genitals.  

This is a trend that's being used more and more for men and women. As we age, we lose volume in certain areas and gravity takes over. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says "Vaginal rejuvenation is the hot topic at meetings right now." But he feels that penis enhancements is still relatively new territory and recommends you seek out someone who has performed the procedure before if you are considering trying fillers "down there." 

Would you give either a try?