Electric Shock Workouts?

Playing Electric Shock Workout?

Is the secret to your best workout a jolt of electricity? The Doctors examine a shocking new fitness craze!

Fitness expert Lacey Stone suits up in Electric Muscle Stimulation gear for an intensive 20 minute workout. Proponents of the workout claim users only need twice weekly workouts with electricity stimulating your body for optimal fitness results.

So is this workout fitness hope or just buzzy hype?

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“It’s interesting,” Lacey says of the sensation. “The thing that it’s missing the mind element, so you’re not getting the endorphin rush while you’re doing it.”

Lacey warns that a workout of this nature must be done in conjunction with other things.

“Nutrition is huge. If you just do this 2 times a week, you’re not going to get the results you want if you’re eating Twinkies,” she explains.

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But would the fitness guru use this type of device with her clients? Find out in the video below!