The Umbilical Cord Art Trend – Touching or Too Much?

Playing Umbilical Cord Art?

The birth of your child is one of life’s greatest moments – but is it also a time to make art?

The Doctors weigh in on the trend of using the umbilical cord to create works of art and then share them on social media. Many new moms have begun spelling out words with the cord, like “love” or will create shapes like a heart. Some moms even go so far as to bake the cord after making it into a shape, which allows them to keep it forever.

But is this post-birth art fad, special or especially unsettling?

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon understands why some mothers might be inclined to save and preserve their umbilical cord calling it a symbol of the last bond between the mother and the child.

But our audience appears to feel quite the opposite about the trend. The Doctors conducted a quick informal poll of the studio audience asking if anyone would make umbilical art, and a resounding majority all said they would not.

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What do you think? Is creating art with the umbilical cord something you would ever do?