Woman’s Masculine Jawline Fix

Playing Jawline Botox?

Are the angles of your face more defined than you wished they were? You’re not alone and there could be a fix if you want to tone down your facial edges.

Lynette tells The Doctors that she is troubled by what she refers to as a too masculine face.

“I’m a little self-conscious about my face. I have a very square face and when I smile in pictures, I just see this square. I look like I have a more masculine structure to my face. It’s not feminine to me,” she explains.

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Lynette sought help from plastic surgeon Dr. Nima Shemirani to help give her more of an oval face. Dr. Shemirani uses Botox injections near her cheekbones to help create a fuller look and smooth out some of her harsher lines near her jaw and cheek area.

Following her jawline procedure, Lynette joins The Doctors to show off her results, saying she was surprised by helpful the procedure has been. 

“I feel amazing. It’s improved so much. My face feels thinner. My teeth grinding has improved and it was a fast procedure,” she explains. “Even the way I talk [has changed.] I sleep better. I wake up in the morning and I feel more rested.”

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Dr. Shemiran informs the audience that the procedure will last for 6 months. Check out the video below to see Lynette’s new look and tell us what you think!