Regrow Your Eyebrows with Your Own Blood

Your thinning eyebrows could be a thing of the past with a new procedure that uses your own blood.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is all the rage in the cosmetic surgery world due to its wealth of possible benefits. Dermatologist Dr. William Schweitzer has been using PRP to treat patients with thinning brows. The Doctors put the plasma to the test with two participants. Their blood is drawn, then processed in a centrifuge, and then injected back into the patient.

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“PRP has the capacity to wake up dormant hair follicles. A lot of women in their 40's get thinning eyebrows… so PRP could unlock dormant hair follicles and make them grow again,” Dr. Schweitzer says

He said he first discovered the idea using PRP on eyebrows after treating a patient for a bald spot on her scalp. After a month of injecting the PRP into the thinning eyebrow area, Dr. Schweitzer tells The Doctors she had a dramatic regrowth of hair.

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Most patients see hair growth two months after the injection and a booster injection is recommended somewhere between 9 months and a year to keep the follicles active. The injections cost $900 per session. Find out more about the process and the possible benefits of PRP in the video below.