Derek Theler Opens up about His Diabetes Struggle

Playing Derek Theler’s Struggle with Diabetes

Derek Theler appears to be a model of health, but the “Baby Daddy” star has been dealing with a serious medical issue since he was just 3-years-old.

The actor joins The Doctors to open up about how he has managed his Type I diabetes while working in Hollywood.

Growing up, Derek missed out on pretty much anything with sugar, like birthday cakes, soda and most cereals due to his need to keep his blood-sugar levels in check. His constant monitoring of his levels even continues today.

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“It’s hard. It’s 24-7. You have to be responsible and no matter what happens, you’re going to have mishaps,” he says of managing his blood-sugar. “I’ve had some scares in the past, but… my message is to try and live life normally and just be responsible with your disease and you can achieve all your goals.”

Derek tells The Doctors that he’s happy to be someone that kids with Type I diabetes can look up to because when he was little, he was not aware of any actors with the disease.

He recommends that people with the disease be aware of all the latest technological advances in combating it. Derek uses an insulin pump along with a continuous glucose monitoring, which he credits for helping him to maintain his disease.

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“A lot of times in medicine, we talk about your illness and it either defines you, or your define it. It sounds like you have done the latter,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tells Derek.

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