Do Breast Masks Help Lift Your Cleavage?

Playing Put It to the Test: Breast Masks

Are face masks already over? The mask trend is now dropping a little lower – to the breasts! Can a new mask product give your girls a lift?

Beauty expert Emily Loftiss, along with two volunteers, join The Doctors to test out Bioxidea Cosmetics’ Miracle 24 Breast Treatment, which claims can achieve an “instant, lifted effect” for your chest.

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The product uses hyaluronic acid, to provide moisture, and hydrolyzed collagen, which increases firmness and elasticity.

The product costs $60 and is said to last for 24 hours with optimal results taking place 5 hours after applying the mask to your breasts.

So what did our two test subjects, who are not happy with their chest sagging issues, think about the so-called breast mask? Both women said the mask had a cooling effect on the area, and one thought it might help when a woman is breastfeeding and she’s feeling engorged – but did it provide any lift?

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Find out in the video below!