Woman with Severe Clubfoot in Desperate Need of Help

Playing Club Foot Nightmare!

Kelli was born with severe bilateral clubfoot. After numerous childhood surgeries and an unsuccessful adult surgery, she turns to The Doctors with the hope of walking again without pain.

“I lived in casts until I was 10. It was hard, children were very mean, very cruel,” Kelli says looking back at her childhood. “I was quite embarrassed about looking different.”

Kelli managed to live with her clubfeet through most of her adult life, but things got particularly bad in 2015, and she had surgery once again. She was very confident that she might actually solve her issue, but says the moment she awoke from the surgery she knew that it had failed. Now, to even be able to walk at all, she has to completely hyper-extend her knee. Her hips are 19 millimeters off, which is causing severe pain in hips, neck and back.

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“I just want to walk again without pain. It is starting to break me down… I’m tired but I can’t give up,” she says, holding back her tears.

One doctor previously told Kelli that she should begin considering amputation as the only possible solution, but The Doctors are hopeful there is another option.

We enlisted the help of podiatric surgeon Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi to help possibly bring her some relief with her debilitating lifelong condition. He says that she needs a complete reconstruction of the bones in her feet along with the use of an external fixator, which will shape her feet bones to the desired position optimal for walking.

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“I want to try anything before amputating. I have great hope…I’m very determined,” she pleads.

Find out the touching surprises Dr. Khosroabadi and The Doctors have for Kelli in the video below. Plus, find out more about the amazing surgery she will undergo in order to give her the ability to walk again without pain.