Home Fire Ticking Time Bombs: Safeguard Your Family!

Is your home as safe as it could be when it comes to fires? The Doctors share three important tips for household items that could save your life and the life of your loved ones.

Home improvement expert Eric Stromer is here to possibly help cut down on the estimated 350,000 home fires that occur every year. He shares three important tips to better safeguard your home from a fire.

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Get Rid Of Old Rags Used For Staining

Eric says that 14,000 fires occur each year from items suddenly catching fire. Many times people use old towels or rags for home improvement projects like painting and staining, with things like linseed oil. If these rags are soaked and wadded up and kept together they can build up heat and sometimes spontaneously combust. These items must be dried outdoors and you should never attempt to wash them in a washing machine, this could cause the appliance to catch on fire.

Do Not Overload The Extension Cord

When picking out a cord, Eric notes that bigger is better. He reminds the audience that extension cords should never be thought of as permanent when used outdoors and are only intended to be used temporarily. He also says to never add extra cords to an existing extension cord and to make sure that your power strip has a circuit breaker.

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Clean Your Dryer Lint

Cleaning your dyer’s lint trap is vital, because the lint is combustible. He also notes that maintaining the venting tube that comes off the back of the dryer is important because if there is a kink in it, lint can build up and become a possible fire danger.

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