Should Kids Be in the Delivery Room for Childbirth?

Playing Kids in Delivery Room for Childbirth?

More parents are bringing their older kids in the delivery room for the birth of their siblings. But does including them in the process make sense for everyone involved?

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Ordon has concerns about a child watching their mother experience that much pain. From curse words flying around the room, to blood everywhere, you just don't know what you're actually going to be exposing your child to. 

Besides the trauma that could be experienced from witnessing the birth of a sibling, there is also the issue of safety for mom and the new baby. OB/GYN Dr. Millie Behera shares that giving birth is very unpredictable. If the delivery becomes more difficult , you must be more aware that there is an impressionable child present. In some cases the less people present in the room can be ideal for a safer delivery. 

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If you're considering bringing a child into the delivery room, remember that your sole focus should be on having a safe delivery. If your child is mature enough to handle it, it's certainly something to discuss with your doctor. And in the right scenario, it could very well be beneficial.